Shazam! 1.6 – The Athlete

Holy moley! That’s Butch Patrick as the villain in this episode! He plays a dumb jock who doesn’t want some icky girl to try out for the varsity track team. This was one of the last parts that he played before retiring from Hollywood for a few decades.

Two other notable things about this episode: there’s actually a really good stunt when Captain Marvel rescues the icky girl, played by Stephanie Steele, from the saddle of a runaway horse. Filmation didn’t cheat like some other production companies might have by dropping tarantulas on boots that are not in the same shot as the star’s face; that was definitely Jackson Bostwick in costume on a crane or something pulling the actress away from the horse, and it looked really impressive.

Also this week, I think one of my lingering questions got answered. Usually, Billy and Mentor are riding around when this big sphere on the RV’s dash starts lighting up, indicating that the Elders want to talk with Billy, and Mentor always pulls the RV over to the side of the road so they can have their astral plane discussion. I was wondering why Mentor needs to pull over, but in this episode, the sphere starts beeping and flashing while Billy and Mentor are outside the RV, and they’re alerted by the vehicle’s headlights flashing at them. So that’s why Mentor pulls over: Solomon hardwired the fool thing into the RV’s electrical system. Where’s the wisdom in that?


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