Shazam! 1.5 – The Road Back

Holy moley! So this is the second part of the story where two troubled teens in denim are trying to do the right thing where great big packages of baking soda – I mean, drugs – are concerned. Christopher Stafford Nelson and Derrell Maury are back as the teens, and I was expecting their pusher to be a typical Hollywood “youth” baddie, but it turned out to be actor Ron Soble, who played several small roles in shows of the day like Mission: Impossible and The Streets of San Francisco, looking for all the world like he wished Filmation would have given him a yellow jacket so he could cosplay as Howard Cosell. As “Brok,” he runs an import-export business which is pretty clearly somebody’s regional sales office being used on a Saturday. I was seriously expecting: a) a younger actor, b) in a leather jacket, c) working out of a bar.

Daniel remained impressed by Captain Marvel’s amazing strength when he blocked the road with some huge boulders. To Filmation’s credit, these actually looked like real boulders, and Jackson Bostwick genuinely acted like they were a chore to move. That sounds like a very, very minor thing to praise, but I can’t help but think how fake and silly this would have looked had Sid and Marty Krofft done it on The Lost Saucer.


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