Shazam! 1.4 – The Lure of the Lost

I’ve tried to schedule multi-part stories so that Daniel doesn’t have to wait for the cliffhangers for very long, but I honestly had no idea that there were any two-part episodes of Shazam! and already made the calendar, so he’ll just have to wait a few days to see whether the nasty unseen drug pusher from whom these two boys are fleeing will be brought to justice. I’m guessing probably.

The guest stars in this episode were all pretty familiar faces on seventies TV: Christina Hart, who’s best known today as a playwright and stage director, Christopher Stafford Nelson, who did a bit more work for Filmation and was later Doug in the ill-advised Co-Ed Fever, and Derrel Maury, who was Mario in Joanie Loves Chachi. And all three of them were upstaged by that awesome VW Thing, which Nelson and Maury drove at unsafe speeds down a pretty amazingly curvy mountain road to get away from Captain Marvel. We’ll come back to part two in a few days.


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