Thunderbirds are Go 1.11 – Under Pressure

Daniel’s favorite episode of the original Thunderbirds is probably “Path of Destruction,” in which a runaway great big piece of unnecessarily complex technology needs to be stopped before it causes an environmental catastrophe. This episode is largely the same, and even the runaway vehicles have some similarities in appearance, only this story doesn’t have the insulting yokels with the filthy kitchen. Oh, yeah, and it’s underwater.

The human stuff is a little disappointing this time, although the mayhem of the disaster is even more entertaining than usual and downright terrific fun. I didn’t like that the presence of any hidden bad guy automatically made Lady Penelope and John instantly realize that the Hood was behind it. It seems that his plans in this series are far more complex than in the original; this scheme simply must have been in the works for months. I’d prefer they used this villain a little more sparingly if the heroes are going to realize it’s the same guy every single time anybody does anything malevolent.

Fire-Breathing Dimetrodon Time will return next week, viewers!

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