Thunderbirds are Go 1.8 – Slingshot

“In case you were wondering,” Alan tells his brothers, “the back side of the sun looks exactly the same as the front.” This is a terrifically fun episode by the show’s lead writer, Rob Hoegee, which kept our son completely hooked as Alan and Kayo’s space rescue runs into one complication after another. It’s an incredibly fast-paced and exciting story, and if the science might be a little implausible here and there, at least they thought enough of the audience to make it all seem like they really considered the situation and the best possible outcomes and solutions. It’s a smart program.

I can’t have been the only person watching to have thought that Journey to the Far Side of the Sun would also have been a cute title, right? Cheeky it would have been, but calling it “Slingshot” sort of gave away the resolution. It was incredibly fun all the same, thankfully.


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  1. Alan looks like he’s having the time of his life in that photo. Kayo, not so much. But with Alan’s character, this would be a dream come true…

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