Thunderbirds are Go 1.6 – Runaway

“Say, I remember that name,” I said. Stan Berkowitz wrote this. He was one of the main writers of the ’90s Batman / Superman / Justice League cycle of cartoons, the shows referred to as “the DC Animated Universe.” Cheating and looking ahead, it looks like this is the only installment of Thunderbirds are Go that he has written so far, but it’s great to see a good talent getting work.

And it’s splendid work. This one involves a runaway maglev train in Japan, and something very unexpected from John’s past showing up to haunt him. Since John was used so little in the original, this was a very pleasant surprise. Daniel thought this was really thrilling and exciting and had to hide his eyes a couple of times. The previous episode had very little mayhem and tension about mechanical chaos about to erupt, so this was a really good change of pace.

I also enjoyed getting to know this show’s version of Brains a little better. He’s been deep in the background previously, but this time Scott presses him into action and it turns out this Brains would really, really prefer to stay at home. For starters, he gets airsick!


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