Thunderbirds are Go 1.5 – Unplugged

Remember back in 2005 when that alien ship crashed into Big Ben’s tower in an episode of Doctor Who and everybody cheered to see something that visually amazing happen in Who? I actually felt a little resentment about it tonight, because Thunderbird 2 gets hit with an electromagnetic frequency field that shuts down all the electrical power in London and in the skies above it. Thunderbird 2 crashing into Big Ben’s tower would have been the most beautiful juxtaposition of two British icons, ever, but they couldn’t follow in Who‘s footsteps like that, so they had to settle with taking the ship down across Trafalgar Square and knocking off Nelson’s hat.

The plot of this show is pure kidvid simplicity – Virgil, Grandma, Lady Penelope, and Parker track down the Hood and the gang of Luddites he has allied with for nefarious reasons – and we really had to turn our brains off and accept that when one of the biggest, busiest cities on the planet has a massive power outage, everybody stays indoors, keeping most of the streets cleared, and waits out of sight so the animators don’t have to bother depicting a city like London dealing with a blackout. Even Daniel wasn’t all that taken this week, but in fairness he did binge through eight episodes of the original yesterday and this episode, by comparison, is pretty light on mayhem.

This series will be available for streaming to Amazon Prime members from April 22.


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