Thunderbirds are Go 1.3 – Crosscut

Daniel was not quite on the edge of his seat with tonight’s episode; he kept hopping off it, excited beyond belief as Scott rescued a woman from an abandoned uranium mine. As if this one wasn’t thrilling enough, Virgil unpacked the Mole, their great big drilling machine, for its first appearance in the new show. I love the Mole. It sure is a lot faster in this show than on the original, though!

I don’t have much to add beyond that this time. Everybody involved in this show is doing a terrific job coming up with wild scenarios and the show moves incredibly quickly, with an exciting, thrilling urgency. The little bits of character development, again making fun of Grandma’s awful cooking, are done as zippy little punctuations to the characters updating each other on what they need to do. This is a great show.

This series will be available for streaming to Amazon Prime members from April 22.


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