Land of the Lost 1.14 – Stone Soup

I suppose that I could make the argument that “Stone Soup” is the weakest episode of Land of the Lost‘s first season, but it’s still pretty entertaining. What’s weirdest is that it feels like it didn’t have any second or third drafts before they taped it, and so the continuity of Joyce Perry’s script – Perry was another veteran from the Star Trek cartoon – jars against the previous episodes. Sa is twice referred to as “he,” when the character is generally assumed to be female, but it’s the pylon business that really doesn’t make any sense.

In the first place, Will and Holly are completely unsurprised to find that a pylon’s door is open, and remains so. They take shelter in it when the local apatosaur, Emily, gets angry with them, and comment that it is really dark, but they don’t actually note that the matrix table doesn’t have any crystals in it. Then there’s the bizarre wrap-up, after they refill the table with crystals that the Pakuni have pilfered in what must be random order – the Skylons, introduced in episode eight, bizarrely do not appear, though we will see them again soon – and step outside, and Rick closes the pylon door. Will and Holly react with a ridiculous “WOW!” like they’ve never seen that before.

It’s really kind of unfortunate that everything does jar so badly, because so much of LOTL was very meticulous about telling a structured story across many weeks, but this isn’t structured in line with what we’ve seen before at all. Still, the actual story is quite entertaining, and it’s always nice to see the Marshalls completely pull a fast one on Ta. This time, they trade him a stone for soup-making in return for all the crystals that he’d stolen. I approve.

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