Land of the Lost 1.12 – The Possession

There’s a lot to be said for the dangers of dinosaurs and Sleestak, but the most traumatizing episodes of Land of the Lost really must be the ones where some ancient technology starts screwing with the family and – this is key – they do not have any answers as to what the heck is happening.

In David Gerrold’s “The Possession,” we do get some answers right at the end, and can piece together a little more from what’s left unsaid, and then speculate a little. Perhaps the Altrusian being – one of Enik’s people – responsible for these horrors was imprisoned in one of the pylons centuries ago, disembodied and left as energy in a green globe. Periodically, the three moons in the Land line up in formation, and this causes the door to open. If anybody wanders inside while the moons are still aligned, then the formless energy can possess them, and send them out with a silver baton to sap energy from crystals and bring it back to… feed? free the entity? reincorporate it? We’re never told.

All that’s left is the horror of seeing Holly walk like a zombie with this baton, zapping anybody in her path, and not understanding why. So yes, this was another episode that sent our son scurrying behind the sofa for safety.


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