Land of the Lost 1.10 – The Paku Who Came to Dinner

I’ve always been a little less patient with the Pakuni – dinosaur runaround episodes, preferring all the world-building and weird science fiction stuff, but this was one of the most frightening episodes yet for Daniel. He couldn’t understand why Ta and Sa would abduct Holly, and, as if it wasn’t already awful enough having this happen while Grumpy is in a bad mood and stomping around, the weather gets bad and a storm threatens. This was the closest that he’s come to actual tears in several months, and we had to pause the episode to explain everything a little more clearly and let him calm down.

“They’re in a closed universe,” he reminded us, grimly.

The colors are very, very badly washed out on this one, but in the foreground of the image above, Holly’s jacket is draped over a small bush. She spilled some perfume on it, and the Pakuni react to it like tabbies rolling around in catnip. Grumpy has also been following the peculiar smell and, in one chomp, he gobbles the bush and the jacket. Thank goodness for something silly. We kind of needed the tension broken so Daniel could relax.


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