Batman 3.9 – How to Hatch a Dinosaur

When you’re a little kid, you shouldn’t see through Batman. Yet I distinctly remember watching this show at the tender age of six or so and feeling unbelievably cheated by the downright dumb double resolutions of this half-hour.

As an adult, there’s enough that will make any audience cringe, but Egghead’s plan – to bombard a 40 million year-old Neosaurus egg with radium, hatch it, and then rule Gotham City – is a whole new level of ridiculous. But that makes sense for kids, in much the same way that “the Penguin has a tank made from solid gold and nothing can stop it” does.

No, what let me down at the age of six was that when the egg hatches, this happens:

Even at six, I knew that this was a guy in a terrible, silly suit. The costume was refurbished from a couple of appearances on Lost in Space, and I bet that when this aired in November ’67, half the audience recognized it. (Kind of like when an old Sea Devil showed up in a Blake’s 7!) Still, you have to admire their moxie: recapping over tea in Barbara Gordon’s apartment, everybody even mentions the great big plot hole. How did Batman, inside the Neosaurus costume, get inside the egg without being noticed? Nobody knows for sure, and they just admire Batman’s awesomeness in pulling it off. You’d think that with a hole that big, they’d just quietly avoid the issue. I wanted to know that as a little kid myself!

But that was me at six. Daniel at four was behind the sofa. He didn’t like seeing Robin and Batgirl in trouble in the first place, of course, but that hatching egg had him really, really convinced. I’m glad that he’s not quite seeing through television yet.



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5 responses to “Batman 3.9 – How to Hatch a Dinosaur

  1. “I’m glad that he’s not quite seeing through television yet.
    And may that day not arrive for a little bit longer…

    • Your words to God’s ears! (My heart is still broken from Ivy figuring that the drained Sontaran Styre was just an empty costume and mask…)

      • Speaking of Field Marshall Styre, I have to ask why “The Sontaran Experiment” wasn’t just packaged with “Genesis of the Daleks” on DVD, like the VHS was. Still, it’s a great story and the extras on that DVD kick butt. But I digress…

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  3. “Fuck you, I’m Batman” is actually a standard “explanation” for Batman’s more off-the-wall accomplishments in a lot of modern comics, but I agree, it feels wrong coming from Adam West of all places.

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