Captain Scarlet 1.23 – Expo 2068

In 1967, when this episode was made, Montreal hosted a World’s Fair, called Expo 67. This episode features a hijacked nuclear reactor, its safety protocols removed, being flown by a remote-controlled helicopter in a great big crate over the giant construction site of Expo 2068, somewhere in eastern Canada. The Mysterons’ plan is to annihilate the expo before it can begin, wounding our society’s prestige, or pride, or something like that.

The climax comes when Captain Scarlet has cut his way into the crate to shut down the reactor, which is overheating. Captain Black has shot the pilot dead, so the helicopter is slowly lurching this way and that, about to crash into an elevated parking deck. At one point, it takes a dive and all the heavy machinery crashes into Captain Scarlet, trapping him against the inside wall of the crate. I was waiting for Thunderbird 2 to show up and lend a hand, honestly.

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