Captain Scarlet 1.22 – Crater 101

Hmmm. I’m disappointed in Timeless, who put this DVD set together. These are definitely out of order; this episode takes place prior to “Dangerous Rendezvous”, which we watched a couple of weeks ago, in which they use a crystal extracted from the Mysterons’ base on the moon to contact them. I had figured that some Lunarville personnel had collected it between stories, but this is the tale of how it was collected.

Well, however this bonehead move was managed, the episode is a really great one. Daniel was most impressed by the great big explosion of the base – as always, Gerry Anderson’s team executed some amazing explosions – but I was most impressed by the fantastic interior of the Mysteron base. It’s beautifully psychedelic and weird, with colorful polygons and lights. Should you watch this episode, you’ll be possessed by a desire to run around and play in it yourself, and slightly aggravated that the actual model is far too small for people to actually visit!

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