Batman 2.58 – Flop Goes the Joker

Daniel really surprised us this evening by naming this his all-time favorite Batman story. The scene that took the honor was toward the end, when the Joker shows up at Wayne Manor with his hostage, Baby Jane Towser, who’s shown above apparently wearing Marsha, Queen of Diamonds’ costume from episodes 42-44 this season. Anything to save a buck, eh, costume department?

Anyway, Alfred proves himself more than a match for the Joker, who loses a brief bout of fencing with fireplace pokers, runs to the study, jars the Shakespeare bust and opens the secret passage to the batpoles. Mercifully, Alfred had taken down all the signage for a new coat of paint – amazingly, this was set up in part one of the story – and the Joker has no idea that it’s the Batcave down below him. Alfred just keeps sending him up and down on those compressed elevators until his employers arrive, and Daniel absolutely loved it.

Between the wacky painting competition in part one and the Joker’s foibles in part two, our son was in heaven. This was the perfect balance of slapstick comedy for kids and goofball satire for everybody else. This didn’t necessarily need Cesar Romero – this could have been jerry-rigged for one or two of the other regular villains or given to a new character – but he was having a ball as usual, and the season, despite all expectations, looks like it might actually end on a high note. There’s one more show to go, so fingers crossed…

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