Batman 2.53 – King Tut’s Coup

Hooray, King Tut’s back, and he’s just as big a bonehead as ever! I like how they keep Victor Buono separated in all the dialogue scenes from West and Ward; it lets Buono completely steal the show and leaves the stars unable to do anything about it.

This episode answers a question I had when we first met King Tut back in season one. I swore I remembered from when I was a kid seeing the mild-mannered professor of Egyptology lose his marbles and think he was the baddie. It happens here… not in flashback, though, it’s just the latest occasion in which he gets conked on the head.

Other notable names appearing in this episode: Richard Bakalyan, who we last saw as part of the Riddler’s gang, has a very odd scene as a performer whom Tut has roughed up to leave a message – in hieroglyphics, on a scroll – for Batman. Lee Meriwether, who had played Catwoman several months before in the feature film, here plays Bruce Wayne’s date for an ill-timed Egyptian-themed costume party, the sort of thing that a sensible citizenry would cancel if they know that King Tut’s prowling around. Predictably, Tut sees her in costume as Cleopatra and falls in love with her.

I’ve been remiss in noting the Batclimb cameos. This week, a popular gossip columnist of the day, Suzy Knickerbocker, pops her head out. Recently, we’ve also seen Art Linkletter and Edward G. Robinson, who didn’t appear to appreciate his grandkids pestering him to do this silly show.


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