Captain Scarlet 1.19 – Dangerous Rendezvous

Shucks! What a missed opportunity this one is. Daniel really enjoyed it, especially the exciting finale, in which Captain Scarlet has to drive like a maniac across the barren, isolated tundra of Greenland to get a message to Cloudbase that there’s a Mysteron bomb on board, but I was left a little unsatisfied because we came so close to a good confrontation between Scarlet and Black, and didn’t get it.

For some reason, the baddie’s on the other side of a wall to set a tape player going. The Mysteron powers never really make sense, but it doesn’t seem like Black has any reason to be there. So it was a small letdown, but the episode does have some good character moments, and continuity – it follows up the moonbase incident from episode 16 – and Captain Ochre gets to save the day, which is nice. There’s also an astonishing turnaround in reusing puppets from earlier stories. One of the models from the previous episode is retrofitted to make a brief appearance as Dr. Kurnitz’s secretary. It’s only been a few days, guys. We noticed.

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