Thunderbirds 1.16 – Edge of Impact

Hooray, the Hood is back! Amusingly, the villain’s never actually named in the show, and so it wasn’t until we watched the 2004 film that we learned his name. And by “we,” I mean Daniel, because I know that’s his name. But this gave me the first opportunity to tell Daniel, “Oh, no! It’s the Hood again!”

And this time he has strings. Lots of strings. You know, normally, I can just ignore all the strings in these shows, but somebody was asleep at the wheel this week. Even the experimental Red Arrow fighter jet has a whacking great unavoidable hole cut in the top of the cockpit for strings about as big around a cowboy’s lasso to waggle the pilot’s head around. Quit interfering with my suspension of disbelief, strings!

Well, if you can ignore the strings, this is a fun one, especially if you enjoy family life on Tracy Island, because this has lots of good moments. It’s a good rescue, too, with two technicians stuck atop a TV transmission tower after the jet has crashed into it. Daniel had his usual blast watching it, and he seemed to like the Hood driving over a dismantled bridge and dropping into a river best.


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