Thunderbirds 1.15 – Day of Disaster

Well, some episodes of Thunderbirds are better than others. This is one of the others.

Daniel got a huge kick out of it. He enjoys Lady Penelope and Parker, and Thunderbird 4, and this has all of them in a big rescue. A bridge has collapsed while a space rocket was being driven across it to its launch site. The rocket is manned and full of fuel, which probably increased its weight a whole heck of a lot, and the countdown to ignition starts when it hits the bottom of the river, which is up there with “I said ‘lunch,’ not ‘launch’!” in the dumb astronaut sweepstakes.

But Thunderbirds has the most calming effect on him, no matter how wild and crazy he is beforehand, and today he was so full of energy that I was afraid he was going to pop. He sat patiently and wide-eyed, asking understandable questions about the show, and asking us what certain words on the screen said, and was completely wowed by the whole experience.

This show was made for kids, and not adults, and while every so often they contrived a completely ridiculous situation, and filled the story with incredibly dumb characters – the same “the bridge can’t possibly collapse!” guy turns into “we don’t need International Rescue!” guy, making him doubly tedious – but we can forgive missteps so dopey when they’re so exciting to their young fans.

Weird symmetry department: Remember how, in the last episode of Batman that we watched, two nights ago, we had a wacky German psychiatrist diagnosing Bruce Wayne because of his “planning to marry a cute crook” issues? Well, Brains spent seven or so hours in the company of “we don’t need International Rescue!” guy, talking to the Tracys via his wristwatch, and somehow once the day gets saved, Brains ends up on the couch of some wacky German psychiatrist because of his “talking to his watch” issues, until Lady Penelope rescues him. It doesn’t make any sense, just go with it…

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