Captain Scarlet 1.17 – The Trap

Hey, it’s the Robert Mitchum puppet again, shown here with Symphony Angel. He’s appeared on at least one other instance since we first saw him, too. It’s kind of cute the way they reused puppet heads on this show. The commodore in this episode was also in episode 13 in a different role. It’s almost like a little repertory company of actors coming in for different parts each week.

This is a really exciting episode, with a great finale. The Mysteron duplicate of the commodore has a great big machine gun on the battlements of a castle in remote Scotland, ready to shoot down a “magnacopter” full of important bigwigs as soon as it takes off. Captain Scarlet goes after the guy while wearing a jetpack. Daniel got really excited during this scene, with good reason. It’s huge fun.

My only complaint about this fun episode is that Colonel White showed off his lousy leadership skills again. The most important conference ever is going on, and he’s lost contact with Captain Scarlet and Symphony Angel, who are meant to be providing security, and he finally figures out that the Mysterons plan to murder all the delegates. So he sends everybody, right? He launches all four angels and all four captains on base, and starts moving Cloudbase to Scotland, yeah? No, he sends Captain Blue. Alone. Who has to pick up an SPV at the Auld Lang Syne factory first. No rush. This isn’t that important.

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