Thunderbirds 1.13 – Terror in New York City

Hooray! We’re back for more Thunderbirds, which Daniel will happily tell you is the very best show ever.

Ages ago, A&E Home Video released Thunderbirds in six silly-priced box sets. I bought four of the six at slightly more sensible prices, but, having made the investment, I didn’t feel like double-dipping when Shout Factory/Timeless put out a much, much more sensibly-priced eight-DVD box set. So extra special thanks to our Fire-Breathing buddy Matt for finding used copies of the missing A&E sets 3 and 5 for practically pennies at the excellent McKay Books‘ Chattanooga location.

(Incidentally, in October, we dropped by 2nd & Charles in Kennesaw, which keeps disappointing me. I brought a small stack of old books to trade in, maybe thirteen in all, and they offered me the princely sum of $11.49 in credit. I kept the books, took them to McKay the Sunday after Thanksgiving, and received literally four times that amount. This is why Atlanta book lovers include McKay in their Chattanooga itinerary.)

Anyway, skipping from episode 12 to episode 19 like we did, I sort of felt that we were getting a little more of the secret agent and comedy stuff and not enough mayhem. “Terror in New York City” is one disaster after another, a situation that starts bad, with Thunderbird 2 being knocked out of commission when a trigger-happy naval commander mistakes it for a hostile craft, and then the jawdropping events in New York that happen.

The world of Thunderbirds is one where generals and criminals and titans of industry come up with great big ridiculous plans without ever once considering whether their idea is actually a good one. This time, some bozos decided to redevelop all the area around the Empire State Building, and move the building – just pick it up and MOVE IT – two hundred yards. This doesn’t work. The ground gives way and the Empire State Building is destroyed. It’s just amazing. The whole building and the enormous super-contraption they made to move it goes down into pebbles and matchsticks.

Daniel was edge-of-his-seat thrilled. He loved it to pieces, especially since Gordon and Thunderbird 4 get lots of screen time, navigating the underground river to find the two missing newsmen. When a second building gets ready to topple over onto the crash site, his eyes were as big as dinner plates, his blanket was in his mouth, and he was curled up in Mommy’s lap, holding on for dear life.

Captain Scarlet is good, but it isn’t this good!


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  1. You’re welcome, Grant! Anything to keep the fire breathing going!

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