Captain Scarlet 1.15 – The Launching

Daniel really, really got into this episode. When the Mysteron “eyes” make their way across the debris of a plane that just crashed into a mountain, he (over)reacted wonderfully. He growled “Grrrrrr! Those Mysterons!” and threw his security blanket on the ground.

This was kind of an average episode, but it’s notable for the first appearance of a new end credits tune. Apparently there was a manufactured pop band called The Spectrum making the rounds and releasing flop records like a cover of “Ob-La-Di, Ob-La-Da” when somebody at Century 21 figured they could make some publicity together. So The Spectrum, a five-piece, dressed in the captains’ colorful costumes for some pin-up photos, and maybe appearances on the pop music TV shows singing their revised version of the Barry Gray original. Bizarrely, it doesn’t look like they actually released the recording as a single.

Even more bizarrely, the drummer for The Spectrum was a guy named Keith Forsey. I’m not sure which one he is in the photo above. He’d later go on to play and produce hits for Donna Summer and Billy Idol, and wrote the worldwide smash “(Don’t You) Forget About Me” for Simple Minds.


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