Pippi Longstocking 1.6 – Pippi at the Fun Fair

The sixth episode of Pippi – and, for us, the last one – is a gentle little episode set at a traveling fun fair, where nothing of great consequence happens. There’s really not so much of a plot; instead there are just some amusing little incidents and chances for Pippi to use her super powers.

Daniel was a little bit unnerved when they visited the snake charmer’s tent, however! The nice woman performs with a pair of thirteen-foot boa constrictors! About nine months ago, we visited Zoo Atlanta’s new reptile house and he looked at everything there with wide eyes and a bit lip. The sight of Pippi playing with that snake sent him behind the sofa.

That’s all for Pippi Longstocking for now. If we find an inexpensive copy of the box set, we might think about picking it up to watch the remaining seven episodes. I think the show is charming, despite the awful dubbing, and have always loved the character. It’s been nice to reacquaint myself with the character, and these productions, after I enjoyed the films so much as a kid.

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