Pippi Longstocking 1.3 – Pippi is Looking for Things

Three months ago, I wrote that we weren’t going to watch Sigmund & the Sea Monsters because I didn’t believe my son would respond well to Burp and Slurp constantly bullying their little brother. Boy, was that ever the right call.

There’s a kid in this small town named Willy who is constantly being beset by one big kid and his five buddies. The one scene where they finally catch up with Willy after chasing him all day is really short, but it was just long enough to really punch my son Daniel in the gut. He was really upset for a second. The comeuppance is really quite beautiful. Pippi allows herself to be shoved down by the ringleader. That way, she can grab his ankles and throw him in a tree. She’s awesome.

There’s a really nice set of visuals as Pippi walks home in the rain after her disastrous appearance at Tommy and Annika’s mother’s party. She’s talking to her mother, who’s watching her from heaven, about how she blew it and will never be a lady. The director could have staged it as a continuous narrative, but using voiceovers from the horrified women at the party and a couple of flashbacks of Pippi unwittingly spilling cookies and accidentally toppling guests when she tries to pull up the rugs – all in the cause of cleanliness – instead of doing it the simple way ends up being a little more effective. “Chaotic good”-aligned people always have the toughest time behaving.

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