Pippi Longstocking 1.2 – Pippi’s New Friends

I was premature when I said, in the previous chapter, that the people who made this recent dub seem to have erased the original soundtrack entirely. In this episode, Pippi goes on a shopping trip and buys toys for all the kids within earshot. She finds a plaza and about thirty children join her in a rousing performance on wooden whistles. It’s a lovely cacophony, but because this is the era where children should be seen and not heard, the policemen shoo them all away.

It is kind of nice to look at old TV and movies made in the time where kids could roam the city streets unattended without their parents getting in trouble. It’s also a little surprising to see characters puffing on cigars in a kids’ show. Even if these are robbers who’ve just broke out of jail and are hearing rumors of a huge pile of gold coins somewhere in Pippi’s big house (and who I believe we’ll be seeing again in an episode or two), it’s not just the bad guys who were smoking in the sixties. The sweet shop sells chocolate cigarettes, too!

Sadly dated bit: Pippi tells one of her outlandish stories about other lands, this one involving China, and uses her fingers to slant her eyes as she talks. Kids did that back then, of course, but sometimes reminders are uncomfortable.

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