Captain Scarlet 1.14 – Fire at Rig 15

There are a couple of really surprising bits around Captain Black in this episode. First, there’s the revelation that he can kill people from a distance just by staring at them, and second, he glows, almost phosphorescent, when the lights are out. Unfortunately, he still doesn’t get a fistfight with any of the Spectrum agents in this episode. Gerry Anderson and his team really did seem to enjoy keeping the heroes and their main villain as far apart from each other as possible, it seems.

Speaking of Spectrum, Dr. Fawn has been seen a couple of times in a lab coat, but unless I wasn’t paying attention, this episode is the first time that we’ve seen him in uniform. It’s sort of an off-white, or ivory variant of the standard issue clothing… not that it matters a whole lot, since he’s only in a single scene, and Captains Scarlet and Blue get all the action again. Can you tell that I was a little bored and disappointed with this one?


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