Captain Scarlet 1.11 – Avalanche

One of the many great things about Gerry Anderson’s shows is their globetrotting scope. This time, the setting is the “frost line” series of bases in what would appear to be northern Canada, although the outer space defense grid is commanded by another stereotyped American general, common to the Supermarionation programs, quick with the trigger and the temper. It was interesting to see that this military is pretty disrespectful of Spectrum, strongly suggesting that the agency doesn’t quite have the backing of everybody on Earth.

I look at the huge sets of mountains and snow, avalanches and wrecked vehicles and marvel at the production nightmare. Daniel’s mind is also blown, but by the fiction. The new settings and places keep him enthralled and guessing. “Whoa! Look at all that snow,” he started, and didn’t stop chattering for several minutes. He enjoyed this one more than I did, which is just fine by me.


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