Captain Scarlet 1.10 – Spectrum Strikes Back

Here’s how I think this episode developed: You never see puppets descend stairs in Gerry Anderson shows, because it’s not possible to make marionettes do that believably. That’s why there are elevators and things in every building. But what if the building itself was the elevator?

This week, instead of bringing important bigwigs to Cloudbase to an important conference, Spectrum has an important conference at a remote hunting lodge. For security, the entire building descends, detaches the floor and leaves everybody behind on the basement level, then goes back to the surface, and a replacement floor slides across. Gerry Anderson shows have a habit of unnecessary complexity in their gadgets, but this is ridiculous.

So the good guys are down below checking out some new anti-Mysteron weapons, and Captain Black just saunters in and shoots the just-introduced Captain Indigo dead. Then the duplicate Indigo lowers the building again, threatening to crush everybody between the original floor and the replacement floor. As deathtraps go, it’s not a bad one, but it would never have happened at all had the heroes not designed something so downright dumb.

At least this episode wasn’t boring, but it sure was stupid. Daniel got really excited as Captain Scarlet and one of the security guards went hunting for Indigo, who had the key to raise the house before it flattened everybody between the floor. Just as long as one of us was excited, I guess!


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