Batman 2.30 – The Bat’s Kow Tow

Chad and Jeremy got to banter in part one, but this time, we get to hear parts of two of their songs. Catwoman has a voice eraser, and she zaps the duo’s voice before escaping. The following morning, Batman and Robin appear on Steve Allen’s TV show to reassure the public. (Allen, like Don Ho, who has a Batclimb cameo, is uncredited.) This leads to one of the show’s all-time great exchanges:

Allen: “Millions of the world’s teenagers are in virtual mourning…”
Batman: “Yes, that’s quite true, but on the plus side, millions of parents are delighted!”

It’s impossible to put ourselves in the mindset of parents in 1966. Chad and Jeremy are remarkably inoffensive, and besides, we learned in part one that their manners are impeccable.

But really, any singers could have been in this story and been window dressing for Batman and Catwoman’s flirtation. This is the first of four Catwoman stories to be broadcast from December 1966 to February 1967, three of which were written by Stanley Ralph Ross. It was Ross who spotted the fun chemistry between West and Newmar and amped up the flirtation between the characters. It’s absolutely wonderful and charming in every way, especially when compared to the Bruce Wayne-Miss Kitka business from the movie.

Catwoman is so completely smitten by Batman, but has no idea how to get through to his square heart. And Batman wants to respond, but he’s just too square to do it. Think about the flirting between Cisco and Golden Glider in today’s The Flash series, only written down for younger viewers, who are certain to find this stuff gross and yucky. Adding to the fun: Catwoman cannot stand Robin. She just detests him, and so of course he interrupts their almost-kiss. Neither of them even look at Robin as they walk past, leaving him to whine “Holy mush!”

Daniel knows how Robin felt. He likes it when the episode ends with the fight, not three minutes of these two purring at each other. Gross and yucky, indeed!


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