Batman 2.29 – The Cat’s Meow

Hollywood used to have this remarkable habit of presenting TV episodes in which past-their-chart-peak musicians play alternative versions of themselves who are the biggest acts on the planet. The Davy Jones episode of The Brady Bunch, which aired six months after Jones’s solo record missed the Billboard Top 200 entirely, is probably the best example of this trend, but the Chad & Jeremy episode of Batman is another good one.

It really is peculiar. This version of Chad and Jeremy are shown as arriving in “the colonies” for the very first time and have a press conference that reads like this episode’s writer, Stanley Ralph Ross, was cribbing from a two year-old memory of A Hard Day’s Night. There’s a big crowd of screaming fans, and among them, below, on the left in purple, is Judy Strangis.

This is notable, of course, because ten years later, Judy would play the Robin role in Electra Woman and Dyna Girl.

Anyway, of course, in our world, Chad and Jeremy had already peaked, and after a short run of hits (three top 20 singles in 1964-65), they visited the top 40 for the final time six months before this episode. And they were fairly familiar with the United States; they’d lived in this country for three years before filming this. They’ll sing a couple of songs in part two, but the silly timing means that, like Jack Wild on Sigmund and the Sea Monsters, and Boyce and Hart on Bewitched, these songs were not the hits in our world that they were in TV Land.

Daniel was more concerned with holding his little toy boomerang like a pistol and making “pt-chow!” noises whenever Catwoman was on screen. There wasn’t anything in Chad and Jeremy’s two scenes to make him pay attention to them, but he’s never liked Catwoman and she needs to be shot at. More on Catwoman and her wicked plan next time.

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