Captain Scarlet 1.8 – White as Snow

This is much, much better than the previous episode. This time out, the Mysterons announce they’re going to kill Colonel White, and their plan A is to destroy and duplicate a rocket that’s broadcasting some smooth, upbeat jazz (not too far removed from the Thunderbirds episode “Ricochet”) and send it crashing into Cloudbase. Daniel loved this part; it was so exciting. When Symphony Angel flies out to intercept the rocket and shoot it down, he was on the edge of his seat.

White doesn’t want the rest of Spectrum endangered by a follow-up attempt, so he goes into hiding on a US Navy submarine. On the submarine, one of the sailors meets a grisly demise and is duplicated by the Mysterons. He gets his foot caught in a loose chain before the boat dives, and frees himself too late. Even in a show where one of the heroes gets turned into a human bomb in the first episode, that’s grim.

I think this is the first time that we see Lt. Green out of his chair, and also the first time we see Captain Scarlet nonchalantly putting his feet up on Col. White’s desk. It has much more character bits with the Spectrum crew this time out, and in one shot, it looks like Destiny Angel, who’s off-duty and in civilian clothes, is giving Captain Magenta a shoulder rub. I don’t know how comfy those two are actually getting – and since Spectrum uniforms have those awkward communication bars on the shoulders, it probably isn’t comfy at all – but those instant smile-inducing moments of character interplay make the show a million times more entertaining than guest characters getting blown up.

There’s even a charming, blink-and-you’ll-miss-it line from Harmony Angel, exasperated at all the training runs they’ve been having to fly in White’s absence. This and “Manhunt” are definitely the templates that I hope the show embraced.


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