Batman 2.28 – The Bird’s Last Jest

You might have noticed that the continuity on Batman is just unbelievably slipshod. The Penguin made three appearances in season one, and in the third of them, he did not recognize that Alfred, who he kidnapped, was the same guy he’d seen in his two previous misadventures.

This time out, Batman sends Alfred undercover as the criminal Quill Pen Quertch. Now, I get that the TV Batman Family is a lot smaller than in the comics and he doesn’t have a lot of agents to whom he can assign this task, but the Penguin has met this guy three times already: twice as Alfred and once as an insurance man from “Floyd’s of Dublin.” Surely Batman knows that he must be pushing his luck! And indeed he is: at last, Penguin recognizes him, gasses him, and then closes his restaurant, blaming an outbreak of Moldavian Food Poisoning. He even has a nice, professional sign printed up after all his patrons flee, which is perfect.

All along, the Penguin’s scheme has been to get arrested and back in his old cell next to the criminal forgery mastermind Ballpoint Baxter. Finally, he’s all set to head to the state pen… and Bruce Wayne has convinced the board to parole Ballpoint into his program for wayward youths and a teacher of good penmanship. Ballpoint is played by frequent series writer Stanley Ralph Ross in an unspeaking cameo, and he’s enormous! He just towers over Adam West and Burt Ward. Ross did some of the voices for the villains in the 1970s Super Friends cartoon, and if you ever listened to Gorilla Grodd and concluded “the actor playing that gorilla must be huge,” well, you’re right.



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2 responses to “Batman 2.28 – The Bird’s Last Jest

  1. Has the “Alf-Cycle” debuted yet? I liked that contraption not so much for its practicality, which it was not, but because Batman and Robin encouraged Alfred for being proactive. You don’t see that on TV anymore.

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