Captain Scarlet 1.6 – Manhunt

Finally! This is the first episode of this show that I’ve really enjoyed. It’s the first one to spend the bulk of the episode with the Spectrum characters without any guests of note, and it marks the point where Spectrum becomes aware of Captain Black. Knowing that he’s been reanimated and is their agent on Earth, they’ve got an enemy to hunt.

Captain Grey and Captain Ochre still don’t get very much screen time, but every bit that’s with them, and not anonymous power plant guards and military personnel is welcomed. All of the real character development is between Scarlet and Blue – I’m sort of wishing Scarlet would get teamed up with someone else, just for a change – and these two, and Magenta, are kind of firmly in the background, so we’ll take what we can get. We also get Lt. Green trying to convince Col. White to allow him to go into the field. Poor Green; I don’t know that he ever gets out of that chair.

The action got a bit intense for Daniel twice: once when Captain Black kills a mechanic, actually a freelance Spectrum field agent, in order to steal a Spectrum Pursuit Vehicle that he keeps hidden, and once when he has the drop on Symphony Angel and forces her into a radiation chamber. He’s not bothered by this villain in quite the same way that certain Bat-foes unnerve him. In fact, he’ll often play with the syllables of his name in a cute little chant: “Cap-tain-BLACK…Cap-tain-BLACK!” But he still runs behind the couch when this baddie does something particularly bad.

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