Batman 2.22 – The Joker’s Provokers

All right, Dark Knight Detective. We’ve been putting up with temperatures hotter than the sun in an industrial furnace, and sounds that are louder than any that have ever been recorded that make a tiger meekly lose interest in its prey, instead of liquifying its brain, but here, our heroes and the villain all fail middle school science, and the chemical formula for water, for the purposes of the Joker’s clue, is HO2. I’m genuinely amazed that nobody involved in this production noticed this until it was too late.

Now, in part one, we had the Joker create a magic box that briefly hypnotizes people. That’s an interesting gadget, and, apparently in character. Batman gives us the surprising news that, in his younger days, before he turned to a life of crime, the Joker had been a stage hypnotist. But here, he refines his box a little further into something that can speed up, freeze, or reverse the flow of time.


Hang on a minute. That’s absolutely amazing. Such a device could turn everything on its head. And the script just treats it like it’s no big deal at all, and the sort of thing that any garish criminal can cobble together in something about the size of my wallet. The Joker uses this to make the traffic go really fast, and then make an airplane go backward and a ball player run backward. Then he threatens to do it some more, unless he gets ten million dollars, oh, and he’s going to poison the city’s water supply, too.

Two people are credited with writing this episode. I kind of figure that the two people never met each other, and that random pages from two separate teleplays were filmed to make a final script, because none of this makes any sense. At least Cesar Romero seems to be having a great time. We certainly didn’t.

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