Captain Scarlet 1.3 – Big Ben Strikes Again

This episode is dull, dull, dull as dirt. It really feels like a three-page comic story built around a science riddle about the speed of sound pressed into service as a half-hour episode. How do you hear Big Ben strike thirteen times? You hear twelve on the radio and the last one live. There you go, you can skip this one.

Daniel really liked the big chase at the end. The streets of London are cleared, which, because of the expense of making a busy and active city, manage to look almost exactly like the streets of London when they aren’t cleared, and Captains Blue and Scarlet rush to get a nuclear bomb out of the city and to an underground site before it goes off. It’s more interesting to see the intricate reconstruction of 1960s London in miniature than anything that actually happens in the story, a testament to how amazing the model and design work was on this show.

Well, it’s also a little interesting to see that in the far-flung future of 2068, men are wearing the ugliest tuxedos in history. Scarlet and Blue go out to a nice restaurant with Destiny and Melody, and I just don’t understand why the ladies allowed themselves to be seen in public with men dressed so awfully.

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