The Ghost Busters 1.4 – Who’s Afraid of the Big Bad Wolf?

Missed it completely: that’s Lennie Weinrib as the werewolf in tonight’s episode of The Ghost Busters. In my defense, while Weinrib was an incredibly prolific voice actor – and writer: he wasn’t just Pufnstuf’s voice, he co-wrote every one of the TV episodes – he didn’t have too many on-camera roles. Apart from Magic Mongo. So it’s a pretty weak defense. I mean, if you see this guy on television, “say, that’s Magic Mongo!” should be about the first thing on your mind.

Weinrib is joined in this episode by Nora Denney, who was probably best known for playing Mike Teevee’s mom and accompanying her rotten kid to the tour in Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory, and you’d better believe we’re going to watch that movie when Daniel’s a little older. Denney gets to play a depressingly Hollywood gypsy – crystal ball, somebody’s idea of a regional accent – but it does result in a terrific line, when Kong tells Tracy to show some manners, “and get the old bat a chair.”

As we’ve seen before in kidvid, there’s a disconnect between what the program shows us and what the script tells us. This was apparently our heroes’ toughest case yet, but that’s not true at all. Apart from Spencer having another battle with the filing cabinet that refuses to open the correct drawer, they barely break a sweat this time. Still, Daniel adored it, chuckling all the way through the cabinet fight and Weinrib’s dog impression. I’m glad that he likes this show so much.


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