Captain Scarlet 1.2 – Winged Assassin

This is much, much better than the first episode. It’s still not quite there yet, and it feels a little slight, but it’s not nearly as crammed and rushed as the first one. The nicest thing about it is that instead of going all exposition with Captain Scarlet’s new powers, they’re taking the time to investigate them slowly. In the image above, Captain Scarlet is recovering from a sudden headache. It will turn out that he can unwittingly detect Mysteron duplicates; he feels ill in their presence.

The duplicate this time is a large and ugly passenger airline. It’s not from the sleek and trim design of the Thunderbirds world, but instead a big thing shaped like a pelican. The Mysterons destroyed the original ship and sent an unmanned duplicate plane to act as a huge suicide bomber to kill some dignitary. The implication is that Captain Black had sabotaged the plane before liftoff. The other implication is that Spectrum has no idea that Captain Black is still alive, which seems interesting.

Daniel was much more into this episode. He didn’t get worried by the action on the runway, as Scarlet plays chicken with the rolling duplicate plane while driving his Spectrum Pursuit Vehicle. I think that it looked kind of familiar to him in a way. It’s different and a little eerie, but at its core, it’s tried and true Supermarionation.


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