Batman 2.15 – The Devil’s Fingers

Ah, Aunt Harriet Cooper, you patron of the arts, you.

There’s very little of kindness that can be said about this dire, awful, episode, other than Chandell has, in his employ, redhead, blonde, and brunette henchgirls, and one of them is Edy Williams. For all his showmanship, Liberace was a horrible actor, and it’s impossible to say which role he plays worse: the pianist Chandell or his twin brother, a gangster named Harry.

The only thing of note thus far – and part two, after Batman and Robin escape being perforated by a player piano machine, will reveal one or two more things – is that, in 2001, TV Land or some similar cable channel was playing this show, and I sat down to watch this with my older son, Julian. I cringed, because it’s just so dreadful and stupid, by leagues the worst episode of Batman up to this point.

“This is BAD!” shouted Julian, displaying a level of critical insight that few five year-olds have.

“Pretty bad, huh?” I said.

“Yes! That evil piano player is going to commit a crime!”

Well, never mind what I was saying about insight…

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