Batman 2.8 – Tut’s Case is Shut

There’s a hilarious moment in this episode where Victor Buono lets out an improvised growl – slash – hiss of impatience and frustration and, by chance, managed to make almost exactly the same sound that Daniel makes when he growls at the villains for doing something rotten. “He growls just like you, Daniel,” Marie told him, and he responded with an epic series of grumbles, eyebrows narrowed.

Shortly afterward, Commissioner Gordon, who has been “scarabdated” with the will-sapping potion (and that’s a terrific word, “scarabdated,” and a great shame we don’t have many opportunities to use it) buys Batman a refreshing lemonade and drops a scarab-potion pill into it. Batman, anticipating the possibility of poison, had already consumed six glasses of buttermilk to coat his stomach.

Grown-ups watching that scene probably predicted that he had some kind of plan, but kids wouldn’t. Batman pretends to be under Tut’s spell, and acts zombified and goes to do King Tut’s bidding. Daniel grumbled and growled some more and hid his eyes. Then us grown-ups watched the fight scene with winces, just waiting for somebody to punch Batman in the gut. After six buttermilks and a lemonade, I don’t care how much martial arts training you have.


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