Thunderbirds 2.4 – Lord Parker’s ‘oliday

Daniel shouted “I don’t want to watch this!” We agreed!

The situation for him was this: it looked for all the world that Brains had plunged to his death, with an avalanche of rocks and a 400-ton solar reflector dish coming down on top of him. The reality was that Brains, having been seen complaining already about how hot it was working in this suit, had discarded it, and the empty suit slipped down the mountain just as everything collapsed. Most viewers over the age of about seven probably figured that out before Brains radioed in that he was safe, but Gerry Anderson’s team was in the business of alarming kids smaller than that. He was squirmy and restless during this story, but boy, that really got his attention.

The situation for the grown-ups was this: look, we accept that science, logic, and physics are all really silly in Thunderbirds, but this time… Okay, when a series of lightning strikes has caused a solar reflector halfway down a mountain, pointing directly at the holiday town beneath it, International Rescue is called to move the thing before the sun rises, and it burns the city down.

So far, so good. However, Lady Penelope has the slightly insane idea that the locals and tourists should be kept in the town to assist with any possible firefighting needs instead of evacuating. So she gives Parker the task of keeping everybody both entertained and oblivious to the danger, so that just in case the roof of the hotel catches fire, they can all help put it out.

Never mind the stupid, this is a show that has never once cared about trillions of dollars in property damage. The Tracys risk everything in every mission for even one life. What the deuce do they mean putting all those people at risk for the sake of a hotel roof? Bah, enough of this one!

(A note on the episodes skipped: I don’t own A&E’s set five, which has episodes 25-29 on it, and, having spent a good piece on the sets that I do have, I didn’t feel like reinvesting $40 on the complete set to get the remaining episodes. Maybe if I see it down the line, I’ll pick it up.)



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3 responses to “Thunderbirds 2.4 – Lord Parker’s ‘oliday

  1. This was quirky even by Thunderbirds standards.

    • It does seem like the gap between series one and series two did not do the production any real favors. But then again, “Danger at Ocean Deep” was in the first series and it was pretty darn ridiculous as well!

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