Thunderbirds 1.21 – Cry Wolf

The evil villain of Thunderbirds, The Hood, appeared twice in the six episodes that we don’t have. I’m not sure how he’s portrayed in those, but in “Cry Wolf,” he’s back to his competent, dangerous self. This time out, he’s awesomely evil. He needs the two sons of a scientist in the remote Australian desert out of the way, so he leads them into a disused tin mine where they were playing International Rescue and then throws a bomb in behind them.

Perhaps you remember reading how, in the 1970s, the censors at the American networks were going overboard in watering down children’s programming, resulting in safe, barely-violent treacle like Super Friends? Those censors would have gone apoplectic over this. Playing in unsafe mines? Throwing hand grenades at children? Amazing.

Daniel hadn’t seen the Hood in about four weeks, but the bad guy’s not been far from his thoughts. I haven’t told him the Hood’s name – I’m starting to suspect it’s never actually given onscreen – and so Daniel refers to him as, ahem, “The Bad Guy in Thunderbirds with the Bald Head and Glowing Eyes.” When he turned up tonight, my son hissed and growled. Eventually, we had to ask him to tone it down because we couldn’t hear the show!

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