Batman 1.30 – While Gotham City Burns

It’s absolutely one of the great images of the whole series: somehow, Bookworm and his men plopped a great big book on a Gotham City street. It’s a trap, of course. Inside, it’s a kitchen that fills with hot steam to kill our heroes.

I was thinking about how almost each and every criminal that we meet in this show is, even if they’re new to us, known to the police and Batman. It’s possible that a couple of the more forgettable bad guys toward the end of the run – maybe Nora Clavicle or Minerva? – might not qualify, but it would have been nice to see our heroes not sure who they were up against or how to combat them.

It wouldn’t have worked so well in this case, because Batman’s quick explanatory shorthand that Bookworm is a frustrated, failed novelist explains a lot in a jiffy, allowing things to move to that amazing scene in part one where he nearly clobbers Francine York with a huge book. Roddy McDowall gets a similar scene of insane rage in this episode, before calming down and moving to his next plot, but I also remember how entertaining “Zelda the Great” was, how our heroes were stumped as to who their foe was or how to catch them. It might have been fun, watching Batman put together a bunch of literary clues and deduce that their foe was working out complicated plots that he’d adapted from fiction.

There is one great scene along those lines. Bookworm has simultaneously robbed Wayne Manor of an old cookbook while also having his huge Bat-trap dropped on a city street. Batman sneers at how this is clearly the work of an amateur writer, working too many plot threads at once when just one would do. That’s a great line.

Also, we’re now at four thefts of the Batmobile in five stories. This time, it’s because Robin left the engine running, but come on, Caped Crusaders. The blasted thing’s nuclear-powered. You can’t just keep letting it get swiped like this.

2 thoughts on “Batman 1.30 – While Gotham City Burns

  1. McDowall is of course amazing as Bookworm, but the thing I always remembered about this ep was how proactive Gordon and O’Hara were, even trying to get the Riddler to crack Bookworm’s deathtrap open in exchange for a reduced sentence. It’s just the perfect balance between their usual Keystone Kops foolishness and genuine desperation that might actually work in a more serious take on Batman.

    Also, the Riddler is apparently the best safecracker on the GCPD’s record. It’s not often an arch-villain gets beefed up like that in someone else’s episode.

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