Thunderbirds 1.20 – The Man from MI.5

This is the second Lady Penelope spy story in a row – three in a row since we skipped episodes 13-18. Even worse, for the impatient four year-old who likes all the vehicles and machinery and exploding things, I just looked on Wikipedia and confirmed that the six stories on A&E’s Set 3 – “Terror in New York City,” “End of the Road,” “Day of Disaster,” “Edge of Impact,” “Desperate Intruder,” and “30 Minutes After Noon” – all appear to be full of the mayhem that he enjoys the most.

No, sorry to say that Daniel was incredibly bored by this one. And sure, as it happens, I slept very, very badly last night, but I caught myself nodding off trying to pay attention to this slow, slow, slow story. It’s promising in places, though, but the realities of what the producers could actually accomplish with their budget and puppets certainly didn’t extend to recreating a busy casino in Monte Carlo. So we get lonely figures on yachts at night, and bad guys rifling every single drawer in a room looking for secret plans.

You can expect a kid to stay awake for sixty seconds of “launch porn,” but sixty seconds of digging around in a drawer through some magazines is a bit much. Even Dad starts to lose itsszzzzzzz…

Well, one other thing of note is how Lady Penelope swings back from being a barely competent, you know, girl like she was last time into a superbly talented super-agent like she was in episode 12. Penelope is a lot more fun when she is in charge and in control, but this episode is just dull.

Incidentally, if you enjoy classic Thunderbirds, check out this amazing project by Stephen La Rivere on Kickstarter to celebrate the show’s 50th anniversary: New Episodes from 1960s Recordings. I’m a backer, and you should be, too!


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