Batman 1.28 – The Pharaoh’s in a Rut

Okay, first thing’s first: this is the third time in four stories that an arch-criminal steals the Batmobile. Our hero definitely needs to do something about that.

As entertaining as it is watching Victor Buono rant as King Tut, I’m afraid that at this stage in the series the villain is really being kept aloft by luck and some good hires among his henchmen. His underlings are much more competent than he is, which kind of makes sense. They’re in the business of being bad guys; he thinks that he’s the reincarnation of an Egyptian god-deity and doesn’t quite know how he should go about it.

At one point, he has Batman and his traitorous Nefertiti stuffed into canopic jars to drop pebbles on their heads and drive them mad. Daniel was alarmed by how that looked, but had a ball when they were freed and ordered to dance for the king. Of course, that’s got to be just about the stupidest move a bad guy could make.

Batman keeps his sanity and clobbers the criminals; Daniel loved that fight, but he really loved the chase, as Batman, Robin, and Alfred steal Tut’s gold-plated pickup truck to follow the Batmobile. The high point: somehow a circuit gets crossed and King Tut gets ejected from the Batmobile.

After I post one of these stories, I like to see what else has been posted by other WordPress bloggers about the tags that I’ve used. Last night, I read up a little on Victor Buono, about whom I didn’t know very much. Classic film bloggers have written a lot about the 1962 film Whatever Happened to Baby Jane?, which made him a star. I had no idea that Buono was so young! He seemed to be in his early forties in this episode, but he was actually only 28, and he died of a heart attack when he was 43. He had the unique privilege of playing a recurring villain in three separate adventure TV series: he was also Count Manzeppi, one of only two recurring baddies in The Wild Wild West, and the nasty Mr. Schubert in several episodes of Man From Atlantis.


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