Batman 1.25 – The Joker Trumps an Ace

The Joker has an amazingly funny member of his gang in this episode. He keeps his blue cap down over his eyes, and as they debate whether they’re going to kill the Dynamic Duo (naturally, the bad girl of the week, this time played by Jane Wald, doesn’t want him to die), he delivers this amazing line: “That’s right! We gotta get rid of ’em! We owe it to the criminal woild!”

Front and center in the image above, though, is Henchman # 1, wearing the blue shirt and white cap, played by Norman Alden. He’d go on to star as Frank, the inventor of Crimescope and valued assistant to Electra Woman and Dyna Girl a decade later.

This episode is a really good one, since we spend the whole thing completely baffled as to what the Joker is up to. Cesar Romero’s actually only in three scenes, and one of them’s just a tiny establishing shot to confirm that Romero did accompany the rest of the cast to the golf course, where his men abduct a visiting maharajah.

Daniel wasn’t very interested in this episode, though. Earlier today, he got the gift of a Doc McStuffins tent in which he may do his thinking. It lured him off the couch a time or twenty. He’s a great kid, but doesn’t have the longest attention span in the world.


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