Batman 1.24 – Give ’em the Axe

Considering the previous entry, I guess I’m not sure. The American Revolution costumes might be more suspicious-looking than the criminals’ regular togs after all… but not by a whole lot.

I absolutely love where the Riddler finds the Incan treasure. It’s in a sarcophagus which is on loan to the Gotham City Museum. Batman goes on about how absolutely priceless this is to archaeology and to good diplomatic relations with our neighbors to the south. So, get this: on a day where the Museum is closed to the public and totally unstaffed and unguarded, the Riddler and his gang go to a basement room full of unused exhibits. These are five torture / restraint devices – one for each of ’em plus Robin – and stacks and stacks of empty cardboard boxes.

This is where the priceless treasure is “housed” – more like dumped – before it goes on display. It’s in a single big crate clearly labelled, as all things are in Batman, something like PRICELESS INCAN MUMMY SARCOPHAGUS, DO NOT EXPOSE TO AIR, with six or seven boxes stacked on top of it. I’d rather like to sit down with the executive committees of both the Mexican Museum and the Gotham City Museum and give ’em, not an axe, but an earful. This is no way to treat your priceless exhibits, people!


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