Batman 1.23 – The Ring of Wax

A couple of stories ago, Catwoman was after a lost treasure. This time, it’s the Riddler’s turn, and he’s pretty certain he has found a riddle that only he can solve which will lead him to a lost Incan super-treasure. A villain who doesn’t want a fight with Batman would just arrange to read the rare book at the Gotham City Library during the appropriate hours, but of course the Riddler really, really wants to outsmart Batman every bit as much as he wants the treasure.

The villain and his henchmen and dame-of-the-week, Linda Scott as Moth, ambushed the Caped Crusaders while disguised as wax figures from Madame Soleil’s museum. This is all part of the convoluted plan to bring a deadly wax solvent that can eat through anything past customs and into the US, where it’s illegal. But it’s used in Madame Soleil’s figures, so Riddler starts this scheme by stealing the Batman statue, melting it down to get the solvent, breaking into the library to get the book, then waiting back at the museum for when Batman and Robin figure out what he’s up to.

Beautifully, after bringing our heroes back to his headquarters, Riddler tells his gang that they need to get into their regular clothes, because they look too suspicious dressed like this. Their regular clothes aren’t exactly inconspicuous!

Daniel did much better with this episode than he did with the previous two Riddler outings. Frank Gorshin is, of course, unhinged, manic, and unnerving, and he hid his eyes a couple of times, but this wasn’t a bad shocker. Whew!


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