Batman 1.22 – Not Yet He Ain’t

Occasionally, watching these episodes, I remember that there’s a potentially alarming bit around the corner. That’s what happened this time, when Batman and Robin fake their deaths, with a little help from the police department and a couple of hundred rounds of blank ammo. “Oh, yes,” I remembered, and looked at the little fellow watching with me, “this could go over badly.”

So I began priming him for the unpleasantness. “Did you see how Batman had Robin call the commissioner? He has a plan. It’s going to look really, really bad, but it’s going to be okay. They’re going to trick the Penguin into thinking something really bad has happened… but it’s a trap. Okay?”

I probably should have distracted him and zoomed past the actual shock moment. He pouted and growled and narrowed his eyes, and I hugged him. “It’ll be okay, it’s all part of Batman’s plan.” I don’t think that he stopped frowning, though, until all the Penguin’s trick umbrellas went off in the posh penthouse where he’s planning a fake wedding to Sophia Starr, filling the room with confetti. By then he was chuckling again, and he loved the conclusion, with our heroes driving home with the Penguin and his two goons tied to the hood of the Batmobile, like the end of a fine weekend of hunting in the mountains.


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