Batman 1.20 – Better Luck Next Time

Julie Newmar’s first story as Catwoman ends with she and Adam West sharing virtually no screen time. Looking ahead, I see that she’s in five of season two’s 29 stories, and all the oddball chemistry between the actors and fun flirtation between the characters can be found there.

This is kind of an odd story, happily not quite stuck in the formula. All the climactic rescue and fight business happens in the first half of part two, and then Batman deduces that Catwoman is after a lost pirate treasure – it belonged to a repentant “Captain Manx” – and pursues her to some remote caverns. The set looks kind of expensive for something that’s only on screen for five minutes. Maybe they borrowed the set from Lost in Space or something.

Daniel was slightly alarmed by Catwoman’s fate. She tries to jump across a “bottomless” ravine – there were a heck of a lot of bottomless ravines around in my childhood days – with a sack full of the treasure, doesn’t quite make it, won’t drop the treasure to catch a rope, and plummets to her presumed death. Of course cats have nine lives and all, but this is the first time since the first story when a villain is not taken to jail.


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