Thunderbirds 1.9 – Move – And You’re Dead

Expectations were really high for this episode. Yesterday, it was rainy and wet and Daniel and I had the house to ourselves. We read and played and when I asked if he wanted to watch any TV, he asked to rewatch some of the Thunderbirds episodes we’d seen. Five episodes later, Mommy came home and I’ve had the theme music stuck in my head for a really long time. Nobody to blame but myself, really.

So I was very surprised when Daniel got really upset with this episode. It’s mainly told in flashback, and he’s not used to that. It turns out that Alan Tracy used to be a professional race car driver, and since Brains has designed a new super-engine, Alan signs up to race at the deadly Parola Sands Grand Prix somewhere in Arizona or New Mexico. He wins, angering a hot-tempered lunatic fellow driver so much that he plans to kill Alan. So he puts a bomb on a bridge under construction, and forces Alan and Grandma to hang around next to an ultrasonic generator that will set off the bomb early if either of them move.

Despite the production team being really challenged by the demands of showing an auto race, Daniel was completely freaked out by it. The baddie, a guy named Victor Gomez, tries running Alan off the road and Daniel just about lost it. We reminded him that the race already happened, and I think that was a bit over his head until we paused the episode to let him calm down.

Daniel never started crying, but he was so super-worried for Alan that he found the episode really frightening. They are certainly not just puppets to him.


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